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Stories About Creating More Livable Communities

How do we make where we live a better place to live?

It’s a question that’s much easier to ask than answer.

Inspiration for Your Community

A Bike Sharing Model to Get  People Moving

Worldwide Food Production is Wasted

Pedestrians Killed on Roads Each Year

How do you make where you live a better place to live?

It’s an elusive, some might argue impossible question, that’s much easier to ask than answer. A question that perhaps helps explain why so many journalists focus on the mis-steps communities all too often take.

But equally important are the remarkable number of urban success stories from around the globe coming to fruition. Which is the focus of the writing you’ll find on this site: stories about impactful urban initiatives large and small, designed to help create more livable communities.

Hopefully, some of these initiatives will serve as a source of inspiration for you and where you live as well.  

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Creating Better Communities


Stories About Creating Better Communities

Making Our Cities More Liveable

Using Colour to Make Your City Healthier and Happier

Seeing Urban Forests Instead of Just Trees

Antwerp’s Artful Approach to Community Building

Talk About a Waste of Food

Bike Sharing

A Bike Sharing Model to Get More People Moving

June is Bike Month Ontario, which includes an ‘Active Switch’ initiative to encourage more Ontarians to bike versus drive to work. And with many cities across the province having established ‘Quiet Streets’ to support safer walking and biking in response to COVID-19, there isn’t a better time to try and significantly increase biking as a mode of transportation.

Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today

- Robert McKee